From pipes to platforms


Arkossa attended European energy industry conference held by Eurelectric a couple of weeks ago. The conference took place in Brussels and was an opening event of the “Year of DSOs”. Named under “From pipes to platforms”, the event gathered more than 150 CEOs, regulators and network customers and encouraged a debate on new business models for distribution system operators.

This is the brief summary of what was discussed in the conference:

  • Europe is putting enormous efforts to encourage the revolution of decarbonisation and electrification. It is expected by 2045 the electrification to reach 63% across the EU economy. Consequently, putting DSOs at the heart of the energy transition and making them play a significant role in the continent´s future.
  • New load will come from transport, heating and industrial sectors; therefore, DSOs need to employ advanced monitoring in order to have more control over the electricity flowing across the grids.
  • Smart metering is essential for DSOs not only enable integration of distributed generation, maintenance of quality of supply, and optimisation of network operations, but also is a first step towards customer´s engagement allowing them to play a more active role in energy delivery and supply.
  • During the next 5 years distribution system operators will have to start accelerating investments to scale up digitalisation and innovation. Delay is not an option as technology is advances end economics improves, meaning that wind, solar PV, batteries and EV are already taking hold.

Here in Arkossa we offer smart solutions and services that help DSOs to easily meet currently changing energy market requirements and provide solutions to recent challenges arising from the introduction of smart metering and smart grids in the electricity sector.


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